TRX: A total body workout

Breanna Reffel

The Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center now offers a Total Body Resistance Exercise class that incorporates suspension training and functional movements to get a full-body workout.

TRX uses the force of gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises.

The class includes functional body movements such as squats, lunges and reaches to target different areas of the body. TRX exercises enable the participant to control the challenge level by adjusting body positions and angles to add or decrease resistance.

The Rec offers three TRX classes, including Total Body Blast, Cardio Fusion and Basic Training.

TRX Basic Training is for beginners. The class compiles fundamental strength, flexibility and cardio exercises to supply a unique and rewarding experience.

TRX Cardio Fusion is an hour of high-intensity, fat burning exercises that are sure to tone your figure and boost your cardiovascular endurance.

TRX Total Body Blast provides one hour of muscle building strength and cardio exercises that will build a ripped physique.

“TRX targets every muscle group,” said Jennifer Stefanak, wellness and fitness graduate assistant. “You’re always firing muscles and you don’t even know it. You can do normal squats, but then you can lean back and now your abs are engaged.”

Stefanak, who is also a TRX basic training instructor, explains how she structures her class.

“What I do is have a nice warm up then introduce my students to the TRX apparatus because it can be a little intimidating at first,” Stefanak said. “Then I rotate from upper body to lower body all while still working the entire body. Then I do some abs, a cool down and stretch.”

Junior sign language interpreting major Brooke Racheter said she likes the TRX class because it is an intense workout.

“When the class is over I feel like I got a really good workout,” Racheter said. “I leave class drenched in sweat. I ran a triathlon this summer and TRX helps me keep up that high level of fitness I developed while training for the triathlon.”

Senior fashion design major Jenny Brant said she takes the TRX class just to be with her friends.

“I really don’t have any goals for this class,” Brant said. “I’m taking the class to spend time with my friends. My friends are definitely more serious about fitness than I am.”

Stefanak said although TRX is a great workout, students should incorporate other workouts into their schedules.

The first sections of TRX classes have already begun for the semester, but a second section starts in October.

The class costs $25 per section for students. The second section of TRX classes will start the third week in October and run until the end of the semester.

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