The Shins to perform at MACC Oct. 25

Amy Cooknick

The Undergraduate Student Government announced Friday that indie rock band The Shins will perform Oct. 25 at the MACC.

“We’re still finalizing details, but we wanted to be able to give the student body a head start and let everyone know because we’re extremely excited about this concert,” said Evan Gildenblatt, executive director of USG.

Gildenblatt said USG chose The Shins because the band appeals to a broad audience.

“They really engage their audiences and they’ve got a very unique sound,” Gildenblatt said. “It has some interesting musical influences in terms of synthesizer and guitar music. Quirky would be a good word to describe it. You can listen to [The Shins] and know exactly who you’re listening to when you hear it.”

Details have yet to be released regarding ticket sales. Gildenblatt said The Shins are currently the only band scheduled to perform Oct. 25. USG cannot yet comment on whether there will be any opening acts for the band.

“I would encourage people to stay up-to-date with the USG and the USG Programming Board on Twitter and Facebook, where information will go out as it emerges,” Gildenblatt said. He added tickets will go on sale “sometime in the near future” and all information on prices and where to buy tickets will be available through USG social networks at that time.

Simone Jackson, sophomore fashion design major, said she has never heard of The Shins and will probably not attend the concert.

“I think it’s a good thing to have different acts,” Jackson said. “I like when [USG] puts on different bands, so I think it’s a good idea. I feel though that they should try to get more [performers] that people will recognize so they can really get the popularity up there.”

Jesse Litsinger, junior biology major, said he has heard of The Shins and will probably attend with friends.

“I don’t particularly know much about them, but I do know people who like them,” Litsinger said. “Of the bands that I usually hear are playing at Kent State, this is more interesting to me than most of what I hear.”

Gildenblatt said he cannot yet comment on contract details between USG and The Shins.

“We’re extremely excited for it,” Gildenblatt said. “They’re a fantastic band. I’m really excited for the student body to be able to hear them and see them live and get the whole experience.”

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