Governor names board’s new undergraduate trustee

Carrie Blazina

In the middle of working toward three degrees, Alex Evans has found time to be the voice of Kent State’s undergraduate students on the university’s Board of Trustees.

Gov. John Kasich’s office appointed Evans as the undergraduate student trustee on Kent State’s governing body Aug. 13. He is a third-year student with senior standing, has a double major in biology and business management and is working towards a public-health certificate.

Evans found out about the position by talking with various organizations, he said, and one of his advisers recommended him for it.

“She said she thought I’d be a great candidate, so she kind of pushed me over the fence [to apply],” he said.

Evans said he went through an application process and an interview with an internal board committee, and was eventually named to the position by Gov. John Kasich’s office.

Being involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus led Evans to discover his leadership potential, he said.

“I’m really involved on campus, so I think I have a good idea of the challenges that, as students, we go through,” he said. “I think it’s kind of hard to relate to all of [the students], but I’m involved with a great variety of them, so I think I have a good relation that way to the students.”

During his two-year term, Evans said that he hopes to air undergraduate students’ concerns through his position, and he encouraged any concerned student to contact him or meet with him.

Evans said he did not have a particular opinion yet about student trustee voting rights, which could be granted as early as spring semester if a bill passes the Ohio legislature this fall.

“In the past, the student trustees have been pretty neutral … [and] haven’t been for or against that,” he said. “I guess it’s something I should look into more myself as it becomes a bigger issue.”

Although Evans recognized he is a nonvoting member, he acknowledged other ways to have influence.

“You go to the board meetings, you’re involved in the committee work, and you get to represent the students at the meetings,” he said.

Evans said that he is interested to work at a university that is perfecting its vision of making the school the best it can be.

“The direction that the university is moving in now currently is not so much more, but better,” he said. “Now there’s kind of a shifted focus on renovating buildings, renovating different programs … [and] focusing on the students we currently have and giving them the best possible education that we can offer.”

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