Women’s Studies Association holds first meeting

Drew Parker

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March 14th

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Student Center Room 206


The Women’s Studies Association, a new outlet for feminist activism, held their first meeting this month.

Jordan Dennis, a senior psychology major, is a co-founder of the group. Dennis said most feminist groups on campus host basic events, and she wants students to have a resource for activism on campus.

“We’re going to be reaching out to the community and different colleges to keep up with what’s going on in all areas of women’s issues,” Dennis said. “A lot of times there are students going around with a lot [of] outrage and anger about inequality and they wonder what they can do to help.”

The group will meet in room 315 of Merrill Hall at 5:15pm.  The group has not yet selected a regular weekday for the meetings. 

Suzanne Holt, director of women’s studies and one of the faculty advisors for the group said she hopes the group will give students the opportunity to work together on issues they find important.

“I hope the group will be able to brainstorm and network with other groups on campus,” Holt said. “Our biggest goal is to grow and raise awareness.”

Dennis said she hopes to attract a variety of students to the meetings.

“We want to have a dialogue between students to make campus a better place for women, thus making it a better place for everyone,” Dennis said. “We want everyone to know what’s going on in the community and know that they can do something about it.”


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