‘Festival of Nations’ celebrates more than 20 countries

Drew Parker

Kent State International Mentors and Kent State Interhall Council co-hosted “Festival of Nations” in the Student Center Ballroom Friday.

The festival, held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., celebrated the foods and customs of more than 20 countries including Poland, India, Italy, Kenya, Argentina, Principality of Sealand, Israel, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, Peru, Belarus, Brazil, Switzerland, USA, India, Bangladesh, China, Korea, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Syria and Algeria.

International Students performed three traditional dances during the event. Each residence hall set up a booth in honor of a country. Participants will also be able to sign up for “100 Commitments,” a project encouraging students to attend diversity events around campus.

Geraldine Hayes Nelson, diversity program and community outreach executive director, said the event is a great way for students to learn about the cultures of those around them.

“It takes all kinds of students to make up the fabric of this university,” Hayes-Nelson said.

Bahareh Gharehgozlou, president of Kent State International Mentors, said the organization encourages international students to be leaders on a global level by being ambassadors for their respective countries.

“This event is a great opportunity for Kent State students to share their own culture and also to be informed and acknowledged about other students’ countries and cultures,” Gharehgozlou said.

Katelyn Stopher, interim director of student relations for KIC, said it is important for all students to feel like they are welcome at the university.

“This is a great way for students to make friends while sharing their background with others,” Stouffer said. “It’s such an amazing feeling to see other people accepting your culture.”

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