Einstein opens an express window


Photo by Nancy Urchak.

Whitney Gibson

Einstein Bros. Bagels now has an express window located outside of the Hub.

The window has the same hours as the store, and it was opened to help shorten time spent in line. It offers the same food and beverages and adheres to the meal plan as well as the 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. rule — when meal plan cards cannot be used.

Richard Roldan, director of Dining Services, said the window was opened to increase convenience for customers.

“Einstein’s is one of the most popular spots in the hub, so we thought opening the window would be the most efficient and it would help cut back on the wait,” Roldan said. “I think it will definitely pick up once students notice it’s there.”

Logan Lab, junior medical technology major, said he hopes it will cut back the wait.

“The wait before was ridiculously long. I really hope that once the new line catches on that it’ll go faster,” he said.

Jasmine Lattaker, senior fashion merchandising major, said she has used the express window and loves it.

“It went really fast,” she said. “I was the only person in line and got my bagel in like two minutes. I’m glad they put it in.”

Tasha Taylor, freshman exploratory major, works at Einstein’s and said the window service hasn’t been too busy yet.

“I think it’s because not a lot of people know about it,” she said. “Once it catches on I think it will help during the rush.”

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