Audio expert to speak for May 4 events

Caitlin Restelli

Stuart Allen, a forensic audio expert, will talk at the Kiva at 7 p.m. Tuesday about what he heard on a May 4 recording, which could potentially change history.

In spring 2010, Allen confirmed there was a military command to open fire, and he later heard four gunshots that fired 70 seconds before the command.

Allen is the president and chief engineer of the Legal Services Group in Plainfield, N.J. He said he’s extremely busy with covering a double homicide in the United Kingdom, a Middle Eastern case and more.

However, he said he is excited to travel to Kent State for the 41st commemoration.

“In order for me to schedule time for me to come out to Ohio, it took quite a bit of rescheduling and rearranging of court calendar to accommodate this,” Allen said. “But it’s something that is important, and it had to be done.”

Allen said he wishes the reasoning for traveling to Kent State was for a happier subject of discussion.

“I would really like to see this matter opened up and further investigated because it’s a homicide,” Allen said. “We have four dead. It’s not one dead, it’s four dead.”

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