Find the cheap Santa in you

Rachel Hagenbaugh

With Christmas around the corner, students may be searching for the perfect gift for friends and family. This often means buying gifts out of the intended price range, but not to fear. Here are five cheap alternatives to some popular items this Christmas season.


What girl would not love a pair of UGG boots for Christmas? At about $140, many women will not be unwrapping a pair this year.

BEARPAW boots are a cheaper alternative to UGG boots. They sell for about $69.99 at retail stores, but can be found on for as cheap as $35.

Looking at the descriptions of both the UGG boots and the BEARPAW Boots, they are almost identical.

Krista Stevens, a sophomore education major, likes her BEARPAW boots. She said the only fault of the boots is that the heel is not as thick as the heel of the UGGs. Stevens said BEARPAW boots are just as warm and have the same amount of traction.

“I would buy a pair of these every year as opposed to buying a pair of UGGs every year,” she said.

The North Face v. Tek Gear

Among the most popular attire of students at Kent State are The North Face jackets. The North Face women’s Denali Hoodie is priced at $179.00 on the company’s website. Tek Gear’s Fleece Hoodie for women can be found at Kohl’s and is currently on sale on the website for $12.99.

Tek Gear’s Fleece Hoodie is used primarily for working out, so it is not as heavy as The North Face’s Denali Hoodie.

However, it is very warm and is similar in appearance to The North Face equivalents. To save more than $150, Tek Gear is worth a try.

Burton v. 5150

Many snowboarders are under the impression that their snowboards have to be Burton brand. Burton snowboards are very popular with professionals and have some of the most unique features a snowboard can have.

However, Burton snowboards are overpriced. Women’s snowboards range from $329.95 to $649.95, not including the bindings, according to the official Burton website.

Play It Again Sports is a store that trades and sells new and used sports equipment, including snowboards.

They do not have a high market for Burton snowboards, but there is a small selection of used Burton snowboards for those who require the name brand. A brand new 5150 Cyprus snowboard with bindings costs $270.98.

Matt Trayers, a sophomore entrepreneurship major and employee of Play it Again Sports in Cuyahoga Falls, said the best deals are on the used products.

“Everything that comes into our store we check pretty carefully, especially the quality of the board,” he said.

Play It Again Sports has many new midrange boards such as 5150, Morrow and Lamar.

Trayers said if people are looking to just ride the trails, a midrange board will work.

“If you’re getting a Burton to go to Brandywine, you’re just showing off,” he said.

Walmart v. Borders

Searching for books for that special someone for Christmas? Check Walmart first.

A paperback copy of “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult costs $16 at Borders, according to At Walmart, the same book can be purchased on the website for $11.

Buying v. Subscribing

This year, instead of spending $40 for two DVDs, give someone a Netflix subscription. For $9.99 per month, Netflix users can instantly stream movies over the Internet to a their PC, Mac, television or gaming console as well as receive one DVD at a time by mail.

When news users sign up for Netflix, the first month is free. Instead of getting two DVDs, someone can receive five months of Netflix for free.

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