Our View for November 10th

DKS Editors

One week ago, Ohio Republicans took back everything.

Once again, Republicans are in control of both houses of the Ohio Legislature and the governor’s office. And once again, they can’t blame anyone else for the State’s problems.?As college students, we’re sort of bummed that Kasich won the governor’s race, strictly for the fact that education funds will suffer. After promising to make massive budget cuts, it’s clear that education spending is going to be cut.

In turn, universities are going to lose millions and tuition is going to skyrocket. Unfortunately, many students won’t be able to afford to pay for their education.

?Of course we hope for the best, but right now there’s not too much to hope for. ?The only good news that came out of last week’s elections is that Republicans can no longer blame the Democrats for the Taft administration’s awful mistakes. They will finally have to take care of their unfinished business.

It’s unfortunate that Ohians needed another Republican administration to realize that the GOP cannot fix their mistakes, but hopefully this will be the wake-up call that Ohioans need. ?In all fairness, things wouldn’t have been good under Strickland. Ohio would have been in a dismal finical state. But at least things would have been moving forward. Now, these massive budget cuts to necessities like education are only going to make things worse.?

The theory that the state government can cut taxes and the budget at the same time is just ridiculous. There is no way that people can have it both ways. Government cannot just leave the economy alone with no regulations. That is how we got into this mess in the first place.

?The thing Ohio needs right now is consistency. Kasich is probably going to lose his popularity as soon as these massive cuts hit home and he will probably lose the next election. Then, we will probably just keep going back and forth between Democrats and Republicans.

?A dismal future, to say the least.

DKS Editors