Cheers and Jeers for November 17

DKS Editors


Cheers to a potentially easier transfer process. Transfer students have enough to adjust to. They don’t need to worry about making up credits they already completed.

Cheers to the international food market in Acorn Alley. It’s another great way to bring diversity to Kent.

Cheers to the release of Mark Twain’s unexpurgated autobiography. The book offers an insight to a great writer we couldn’t get enough of.


Jeers to Terry Norman. Wherever you are, if you have any involvement with May 4, 1970, it’s time you come forward and clear the air.

Jeers to the basketball players involved in the Campus Pointe fight. We hate to see any of our athletes tied up in that mess.

Jeers to the attempted robbery on Loop Road Nov. 13. Our campus should be a place where students feel safe.