Letter to the editor: Stop throwing trash

People are throwing trash almost all over the earth. We feel sad. If people stop throwing trash, we will feel happy. When we go for walks, we notice that there is trash on the earth. When we go on bus rides we notice old food and litter. We want our planet to feel pretty and not feel sad. We are trying to recycle our classroom. We put old paper in our recycling box. We make new paper out of it. We put our food scraps in a worm bin. Our worms eat them and make compost. We have a really important story to tell from our classmate Rmeyeni:

“I was visiting the meadow with the class and I saw a college student throw trash on the ground. When I turned around, she walked past me and she as done eating all her food, but she threw it on the ground and walked away. I ran over there and told her to pick it up, but she just kept walking. I tried talking to her, but she just kept turning around and she ignored me. It was exhausting. Finally, she changed her mind, picked it up and threw it in the garbage. She gave me a high five and said ‘Friends now?’ She even said that she would help us pick all the garbage up next time we see her.”

From the preschool children in room 4 at the Kent State University Child Development Center.