Cheers and Jeers for November 2

DKS Editors


Cheers to everyone who voted in this midterm election. People can argue that a single vote doesn’t make a difference, but every ballot can shape the future.

Cheers to everyone voted into office. Make us proud.

Cheers to fewer arrests during this year’s Halloween. 55 is still a higher number than we’d like, but it’s still lower than last year.


Jeers to students who didn’t vote Tuesday. There are plenty of reasons to jeer you for not voting. Students can have a huge impact on election results.

Jeers to Glenn Beck for gathering fewer people at his Rally to Restore Honor than the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Beck’s turnout is a bit embarrassing in comparison.

Jeers to Jill Behm, a Kent native, being kicked off Survivor. She gave it a good run.

DKS Editors