Letter to the editor: Response to SarahBeth Caplin’s columns

Dave Hubbell

Dear Editor,

Throughout the semester, the students and faculty of Kent State have had the dubious honor of reading SarahBeth Caplin’s columns. I was shocked when she outright insulted a fraternity for raising money for cancer awareness and research, claiming that these ‘frat boys’ needed to keep their pants on. I was deeply insulted when she implied that atheists and agnostics had no right to display space in the student center, despite the fact that there are many religious, political or spiritual organizations on campus that enjoy the same privilege. I was downright shocked that she suggested that birth control was somehow unsafe for women despite the fact that she cited no studies nor offered any evidence for her claims. Throughout her tirades and particularly in her editorial on Nov. 23, she maintains that her deeply held beliefs shelter her from criticism and that she is some manner of light in what she seems to think is the godless darkness of Kent State.

The fact that SarahBeth, or anyone, has strong personal opinions does not mean they are worthy of consideration or respect. I am proud to attend a school that does not simply tolerate, but encourages diversity, and am similarly proud of my fellow students who donate their time and efforts to bettering the campus and the world around them. To insult and malign these people because they are ‘frat boys taking their pants off’, individuals who have the audacity not to share SarahBeth’s Judeo-Christian religious views, or those who use chemical or physical methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies may be one’s opinion, and I dare say she is entitled to them, even though I find them sickening. However, these beliefs, lacking evidence or support for them beyond ‘I can believe what I want’ takes away the opportunity for other writers to be heard, sullies the reputation of the campus and its newspaper, and outright insults students for doing nothing more than disagreeing with someone who lacks tolerance and compassion for the diverse population of the University. I want to encourage students and staff of every belief and background to have and promote their viewpoint, but I’d ask they do so in a respectful manner and they do so after examining and considering the viewpoints of others. Instead of demeaning individuals and organizations that do good works on campus, I encourage Ms. Caplin to spend more time considering and researching her editorials before putting pen to paper.

Dave Hubbell

Junior English major