Black Friday opinions

Caitlin Restelli

Venturing out on Black Friday can be a success or a failure. People shove and fight for that one special product. They can simply go mad. Some think the deals are worth the fight, while others try their best to stay away from the craziness. These students are either staying in, going out shopping or working during this year’s Black Friday.

-Elena Bendekgey, junior Spanish major

“I think it’s a lot of fun, really crazy. I don’t go in the morning, though, just in the afternoon.”

-Kelsey Hann, sophomore nursing major

“To be honest, it starts too early for me so I like to sleep in. My mom and sisters do it, though.”

-Brian Money, freshman finance major

“I don’t go out and buy stuff. If I did, I wouldn’t go out on Black Friday because there are so many people.”

-Steven Greene, freshman marketing major

“Absolutely. I’ll be going out at 4 a.m. I’ll find somewhere that sounds like a good deal. Two years ago I got thrown out of Walmart for fighting over a TV.”

-Ellie Dudding, freshman English major

“I will be going out because usually the deals are the best. I think it shows our culture is really materialistic, though. It’s awful there are tragedies every year.”

-Christian Riley, sophomore exploratory major

“I hope I won’t be going out. My mom might drag me out of bed. It’s insane. Those people are crazy.”

-Roeliff Pryor, sophomore justice studies major

“No. My family will be going, though. There are too many people. I went last year to buy a TV, and it was too crazy for me.”

-Jessie Kolmer, freshman justice studies major

“I have worked on Black Friday before. It’s hell. I worked at a grocery store, and you’d be surprised at how crazy it can be there.”

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