Our view: Homecoming is for high school

DKS Editors

Homecoming is a wonderful tradition. Every year, thousands of high schools across the nation celebrate a weekend of football and good old teenage fun. But it seems odd for college students to continue this tradition, especially after moving past the teenage years.

Like many incoming freshmen, we were confused by the whole concept of Homecoming when we first arrived at Kent State. And to some extent, we still are.

While Homecoming is a nice tradition for alumni old and young, Homecoming at Kent State has very little appeal to the average student.

In defense of the organizers, the only way to appeal to current Kent State students is to hold a giant beer pong competition in Risman plaza, complete with keg stands and beer bongs. It’s certainly not the organizers’ fault for a lack of student interest. And we’re sure Akron’s Homecoming is going to be just as lame. But it still doesn’t change the fact that many current students view Homecoming as a high school milestone, not a college one.

For many of us, Homecoming will always hold special memories from high school football games and cheesy school dances. A college Homecoming is not as genuine as the original, which could explain the lack of interest among current students.

Even though we don’t fully understand the point of college Homecoming, we still welcome Kent State’s alumni with open arms this weekend. We hope your visit to town brings back good memories from the good, old college days. There are plenty of exciting things happening at Kent State these days, so hopefully you will get a chance to check out the newly renovated Risman plaza.

College Homecoming at Kent State can never replace high school Homecoming. But we certainly welcome those who come to relive their old glory days one weekend a year.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.