BSR Afternoon Newscast for Tuesday, October 12

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, it’s Tuesday, October 12th. I am Doug Rogers and here’s what’s happening.

An experiential learning requirement did not pass through Kent State’s faculty senate today without opposition. The members voted 20-18 against the requirement. Students would have to complete an internship, volunteer work, or a research project under the requirement in order to graduate. Many opponents are concerned about the lack of specifics in the bill.

The government decided today to remove the ban on deep-water oil drilling, according to CNN. Operators obtaining permits will face harsher rules and regulations. U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar instituted the ban after the Gulf oil disaster in April. He hopes these new precautions will reduce the likelihood of another disaster.

The 33 trapped Chilean miners will return to the surface today after being stuck underground for two months. According to MSNBC, workers are expected to begin freeing the men around 5 p.m. today. The miners are expected to travel almost half a mile to ground level in special rescue capsules.

A Montana woman who lost her wedding ring eight years ago finally has it back on her finger. She removed the ring before working in her garden. However, she forgot about the ring until it was too late. The woman thought the ring ended up in the compost pile and taken away with the trash. Her grandson found it while working in her garden and returned it to her for her 80th birthday.

Former Kent State Golden Flash Josh Cribbs will see his football number retired during the game on Oct. 30 at Dix Stadium. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver played at Kent from 2001 until 2004. The Golden Flashes are retiring the number nine in Cribbs’ honor. This is the fourth time the team has retired a number.

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From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, I am Doug Rogers and that was your news in a nutshell.