Fashion museum visitors coming in droves

Emily Inverso

As the fashion museum stays current with exhibits like “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen,” visitor traffic is increasing to possibly its highest levels yet.

“It’s been really exciting because we’ve had over 100 people, almost 200 people on some days,” said Jean Druesedow, director of the fashion museum.

“Different exhibits have different appeal to different members of the public, and this exhibition is certainly drawing more tours and more people than we’ve had in years.”

The Red Hat Society’s Happy Hearts chapter from North Royalton made its second trip to the museum when the members heard about the newest exhibit.

“This is the era where we remember,” said Bobbie Banyas, a member of the society. “Being this close to all these pieces, it’s beautiful nostalgia for all of us.”

With as many as seven bus tours in one day, Druesedow said an increase in museum operating costs is a very welcome one. Tour guides and security personnel are working more hours to compensate for the added activity.

“Every now and then you have a group who maybe doesn’t even show up for their scheduled tour,” said Diane Eddy, a volunteer tour guide since 2002. “But for as much as I can see, everyone is really enjoying everything we have on display.”

How much people are enjoying the museum and its gift shop is not officially known, as the month’s profit numbers haven’t been released, but Druesedow said she knows it is increasing with every visit.

“When people come to the museum, they see everything, and that’s wonderful because they are surprised by what they see and what we have,” Druesedow said. “Hopefully they will come back, even when the Hepburn exhibit isn’t here.”

The Happy Hearts said they are looking forward to what will be their third visit to the fashion museum.

“We will absolutely be back, and you can count on it,” Banyas said. “Well, if we can find it. I always seem to get us lost on the way.”

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