Cheers and Jeers for October 6

DKS Editors


Cheers to the Chavez-Pina wedding in Oscar Ritchie Hall. They’re not the first to wed on campus, and we hope they won’t be the last.

Cheers to the depression screening Thursday. It’s a nice opportunity for students to seek help or advice. If you think you might have a reason to go, don’t let nervousness hold you back.

Cheers to homecoming this weekend. Let’s celebrate Kent State and at least try to beat Akron.


Jeers to the hit-and-run last weekend. We’d like to think people are above running people over with their cars and then driving away. Apparently not.

Jeers to the return of the common cold. People are starting to get sick left and right, and with a close-quarters campus atmosphere, everyone is sure to share in the fun.

Jeers to not being able to chalk the giant K in Risman Plaza. It’s an understandable concept, but telling students they can’t might spur some unpleasant markings.

DKS Editors