Dressing to impress brings out self-confidence

Bridget McLaughlin

Style is a huge component in how we perceive one another. But how do style and fashion affect our perception of ourselves? I took a week to try out a few different methods to see how dress affects self-confidence.

Tuesday, Day 1:

I thought I would start this assignment out lazy style and wear the most hideously comfortable outfit I own; an oversized men’s Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie, Victoria’s Secret “Pink” sweatpants, fuzzy microfiber socks and house slippers. Aside from looking like an androgynous homeless person, I also got much feedback from my classmates. A few good ones were: “Wow, you look really upsetting today,” “Is everything okay at home?” and this gem “You looked crazed Bridget. Are you high right now?”

And those were from my friends. God only knows what my other classmates were thinking.

Wednesday, Day 2:

I’m a sucker for old wives’ tales. I gargle with salt water when I have a sore throat, avoid cracks in pavement and drink brandy when I feel a cold coming on (there is always a cold coming on). Therefore, upon recommendation by a fellow writer, I bought matching lingerie to wear under my clothing to increase confidence. I happily obliged, because any excuse to buy undies is a good one, and wore them all on Wednesday. It definitely gives you a “dirty little secret” type of confidence, which is my favorite kind! Day two verdict: Success!

Thursday, Day 3:

Riding on the coattails of Wednesday, I decided to dress to the nines in a tailored blazer, skirt, boots and some accessories courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana. Sure it was a little much for school and overly designer-filled, but it definitely made me feel more confident and apt to participate. It didn’t hurt that I saw a few necks crane as I walked down the esplanade either.

To wrap it up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with casual comfort. But going that extra fashion mile can garner self-confidence that otherwise might stay hidden in sweat pants and a hoodie.

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