Our View: Lee Fisher for senator

DKS Editors

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (D-Shaker Heights) is running for Senate this election season against Republican Rob Portman.

We’re endorsing him because we believe he will bring the most beneficial financing for college students.

As a teacher early on in his career, Fisher witnessed first hand the importance of education and the need to support funding for schools at every level.

He has worked with Gov. Ted Strickland to fund Ohio’s educational system, which includes making college more affordable for students.

As the Lieutenant Governor under Ted Strickland since 2007, Fisher has served as the governor’s right-hand man and counterpart in the many advancements the Strickland administration has accomplished.

They celebrated the two-year tuition freeze in Ohio and Strickland’s 3.5 percent tuition cap.

Strickland’s administration also signed the executive order for the Ohio G.I. Promise, which allows veterans to attend Ohio colleges at in-state tuition rates.

In Fisher’s campaign, he proposes a job creation tax credit and a $30 billion small business loan fund, which both support the creation of new jobs in Ohio.

Although not prevalent for most students now, this could help college graduates as they search for jobs.

Fisher is behind Portman by 15 percentage points, with Portman at 52 percent and Fisher climbing at 37 percent.

This isn’t the position we hoped to see Fisher in, but we endorse him this year and hope to see our Lieutenant Governor pull through as our Senator in the future.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.