Reasons to look good for class

Dana Rozum

1. The better you look, the better your chances of that hottie three rows behind noticing you.

2. On, you found out showing a little leg goes a long way in your class.

3. Looking good makes you feel better about yourself and improves your confidence.

4. Once you’re up and looking good, you’ll be less likely to head back to bed after class.

5. Where else are you going to wear those sweet new boots?

6. Your image projects a lot about you, and more people will take you seriously if you take yourself seriously.

7. Wearing your sleeping clothes to class typically promotes sleeping.

8. If you have to do any kind of speaking in front of the class, teachers notice and appreciate a little effort on your appearance.

9. Those plaid flannel pants and fuzzy slippers might look great for bed, but let’s face it, you just look ridiculous in public.

10. Did I mention the hottie three rows back?

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