10 Kent bands you should know

Kaysea Thomas


Genre: Indie Rock

Together for: 6 years

Members: Ben Hendricks — vocals, guitar; Andy Hendricks — drums; Corey Willis — guitar, keys; Scott Moses — bass

Upcoming Shows: Oct. 8 at It’s A Kling Thing; Oct. 22 at the Rathskeller

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/annabelrock

“Our sound is like a bird on a wire in the snow. I don’t exactly know what that means, but I heard that once and it seems like a good metaphor for our band.” ~ Ben Hendricks

Professor Greenhouse

Genre: Folk-Rock/ Blues Soul Jam

Together for: 1.5 years

Members: Chris Wallis — guitar, vocals, harmonica; Andrew Phillips — guitar, vocals

Mark Chesnes — bass; Angel Gagliardi — tambourine, xylophone, vocals; Bob Vokac —drums

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/folkthegovernment

“You have your off days, your on days and your in-betweens, but it’s a blast no matter what when the people on the floor are dancing because it’s hard to feel that you’ve done them wrong.” ~ Chris Wallis

Exit Cleveland

Genre: Pop-Punk

Together for: 4 years

Members: Joey Ianni — vocals, guitar; Justin Pugel — lead guitar; Mark Davidson — bass; Peter Ianni — drums

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/exitcleveland, http://www.twitter.com/exitcleveland

“Our live show is filled with energy, various pop-culture references, innuendos and of course, great music. Get a clue and come check it out.” ~ Joey Ianni

17 Evil Inches of Force

Genre: Viking Metal

Together for: 3 years

Members: Mike Barton — vocals; Chad Rach — guitar; Justin Fassnacht — guitar; Scott Floyd — bass; Brett Floyd — drums

Upcoming Shows: Nov. 13 at Carriage House

Check them out: Facebook

“We came up for the idea for a Viking band, so we went to the fabric store and made our own costumes.” ~ Brett Floyd

Humble Home

Genre: Folk/Rock

Together for: 8 months

Members: Nick Wise — vocals, guitar; Matt Hectorne — vocals, guitar, piano; Jeff Sutton — bass, vocals, piano

Upcoming shows: Oct. 22, The Grog Shop, Prologue to Doubt EP Release

Check them out: humblehomeband.com, http://www.myspace.com/humblehomeband

“We are trying to make music that will not only appeal to a wide audience, but will make us happy and proud to be working together.” ~ Jeff Sutton

Steal the Spotlight

Genre: Pop/Alternative/Post Hardcore

Together for: 6 months

Members: Jacqi Thorn — vocals; Brian Markle — lead guitar; Zack Orr — rhythm guitar, vocals, screams; Josh Bays — drums, vocals; Josh “Daisuke” Polivka — bass; Jason Kovach — synth, guitar, screaming, growls

Upcoming shows: Oct. 30 at The Army Navy Garrison Hall, Nov. 13 at The Outpost

Check them out: Reverb Nation

“We tell people we are a mix between Tim McGraw and Slayer, but really we are just a band that likes creating music that connects with our fans and keeps them wanting more.” ~ Jason Kovach

Indian Catastrophe

Genre: Math Rock

Together for: 2 years

Members: Charlie Ward — guitar; Mikey Latiano — guitar; Tom Zocolo — bass; JT Whitfield — drums

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/indiancatastropheband

“If I could describe us in one word, I’d use the term ‘Manergy.’” ~ Tom Zocolo


Genre: Classic Rock/Funk

Together for: 7 years

Members: Derik Kroeze — guitar, vocals; Chris Bohrer — lead guitar, vocals; Danny Kolliner — bass; Michael Factor — drums

Upcoming shows: Nov. 14 at JBs

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/eclyptic

“(We’ve) opened for the Moody Blues, Styx, Dokken and State Radio.” ~ Derik Kroeze

Cadence Delicate

Genre: Art School Rock

Together for: 2 years

Members: Matt Catania — vocals; Aaron Shay — guitar; Mike Shea — guitar; Brett Floyd — drums; Bill Govan — bass

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/cadencedelicate

“Progressive art rock for sleepwalkers, poets and fans of underground music.” ~ Aaron Shay

Call it Fiction

Genre: Pop-Punk

Together for: 5 years

Members: Elliot Blair — vocals, rhythm guitar; Nick Rinaldo — lead guitar; Alex Tucker — synth; Brandon Young — drums; Alex Hylton — bass, vocals

Upcoming shows: Oct. 9 at Peabodys; Nov. 12 at the Rathskeller

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/thisiscallitfiction

You can contact Kaysea Thomas at [email protected].