Cheers and Jeers for October 13

DKS Editors


Cheers to Kent State defeating Akron in the homecoming game. It’s about time we got the Wagon Wheel back.

Cheers to $1 subs at Jimmy John’s this Thursday. The line will be ridiculous, but dollar-sandwiches are worth the wait.

Cheers to the “It Gets Better” vigil Monday night. The event is another healthy step towards acceptance.


Jeers to election advertisements. They run the gamut from boring to obnoxious and will be clogging up TV programming for almost another month.

Jeers to students picking video games over a social life. While your game will be there forever, your friends who want to see you won’t be.

Jeers to the Faculty Senate voting down the proposed experiential learning requirement. It could have added a valuable real-world experience to the Kent State curriculum.

DKS Editors