Take the books out of the library

We may actually have to go to the library soon. The university is planning on removing half of the 2.9 million books over the next decade.

We will admit that at first, the idea of removing books from the library seemed strange. What is a library without books? But Library Dean James Bracken won us over.

Once the books are taken off the shelves, university officials plan to add more seating. Considering there are only 1,000 chairs for 25,000 students, that is probably a great idea.

The books that the university plans to send to OhioLINK have either never been taken out of the library or only get checked out once every 50 years. In the event that someone in 2060 needs a certain book, OhioLINK will send it over within a week.

We are kind of excited at the thought of actually finding a spot in the library to study during finals week. Those ugly green chairs on the upper floors just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Bracken is reaching out to students to get their input, which seems to be a revolutionary idea around here. Plus, he is offering free pizza to any student who stops by to share their thoughts. Free food and comfy seats make college a much more enjoyable experience. Nice touch, Bracken.

Most of us will be in our 30s by the time the 1.5 million or so books are removed from the shelves, but it is still nice to be asked.

Bracken is a visionary, and we support his efforts as long as it does not cost students $100 million.

Next time you are in the library, check out a copy of “A Song of Life” by Margaret Warner Morley, before it’s too late.

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