Family ties to field hockey

Rachel Jones

Senior Bryn Stevens does not have any prominent statistics for the No. 17 Kent State field hockey team, but that’s not her role on the team.

The midfielder makes her contributions by creating channels, passing to the forwards and gaining and maintaining possession. Stevens has played 66 games for Kent State since her freshman year. Now in her senior season, the go-between is focused on getting the most out of her final year with the Flashes.

Sports reporter Rachel Jones talked with Stevens about her collegiate career and how she plans to incorporate field hockey into her life after graduation.

RJ: How did you get started in field hockey?

BS: I just kind of got started through elementary school programs that they had set up in my school. Then, I continued to play through middle school and high school. My sister (Molly) and all three of my cousins played field hockey, too.

RJ: It sounds like your family is really into field hockey.

BS: Yeah, it’s really big in central Pennsylvania, so a lot of my friends played, too. My sister played in college (at Ursinus) also.

RJ: What was your high school career like?

BS: My senior year we won states and had an undefeated season, so it was definitely memorable. I played for the Lower Dauphin Field Hockey Program, which is a pretty prestigious program. My coach in high school (Linda Kreiser) was awesome.

RJ: In high school you played midfield, but now you seem to play forward a lot. When did you make that transition?

BS: I switch between mid and forward. Right now, I’m on midfield. In the beginning of the season and my sophomore and junior years, I was a forward, too. We’re just switching our lineup around a little (laughs).

RJ: Which do you like better, midfield or forward?

BS: Honestly, it does not matter, as long as I’m playing.

RJ: What made you decide to play for Kent State?

BS: I just kind of knew the first time I met the team that this is where I wanted to be. Everything about the girls on the team and the coaches were awesome, and I immediately felt at home. It was definitely a good match.

RJ: What’s your favorite part about playing field hockey?

BS: The team, I think. Just coming in and walking into the big field hockey family. Having friends immediately once you enter college is always a nice thing (laughs). It makes it an easier transition.

RJ: You’ve been starting since your freshman year, which is something not a lot of players can say.

BS: Yeah, it’s been an awesome experience, so far. I’ve been really lucky to be able to come to Kent and be able to walk away with the memories I have here so far and the more to come within these next couple of months.

RJ: What has been your favorite memory so far?

BS: Winning the MAC, I think, and when we played against (University of Massachusetts) my sophomore year. We were a game away from making it to the NCAA, so that was definitely a huge moment for us as a program.

RJ: How’s your senior season going so far?

BS: It’s fun. There are so many girls on the team that are so knowledgeable, and as a senior, I don’t have any problem asking the underclassmen, you know, ‘How do I do this on the field?’ It’s really nice that we can share everyone’s knowledge regardless of class.

RJ: What do you want to accomplish this season?

BS: Making our first NCAA appearance since I’ve been here would be awesome.

RJ: Do you think you guys are on the right track?

BS: I think we see glimpses of what we can really do. As long as we just keep working towards our goals, coming ready to practice every day and remaining dedicated to the vision that we have, I think that definitely will get us there.

RJ: Once you graduate, do you think you’ll continue to play field hockey?

BS: We’ll see if I can keep up with these girls when I’m done! I feel like I’m getting too old for this (laughs). It would be awesome to play in a pickup league or something, but just staying in shape in the future will be important to me.

RJ: Would you ever be a coach?

BS: It’s definitely an option. I want to teach phys. ed. and health, hopefully at an elementary school level, and if they would need me to coach, then I would absolutely love to.

RJ: Are you going to make your kids play field hockey, too?

BS: Yes, they definitely will be playing field hockey. (Laughs) No, if they like it that’s fine, but I’m not going to force it.

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