Time to make noise, Kent State

Michael Moses

BREAKING NEWS: Kent State upsets #22 Penn State, 23-21

Sept. 18, 2010 will go down in history as Kent State’s most noticed victory in years and Penn State’s most shocking loss in decades. The game will be labeled as an instant classic and be talked about for years to come.

The Nittany Lions, led by freshman quarterback Robert Bolden, surged back in the second half to go ahead by one point late in the fourth quarter. Kent State’s junior cornerback Norman Wolfe picked off a pass late in the fourth that led to Freddy Cortez’s game-winning field goal. Except for the couple thousand Kent State fans and players, Beaver Stadium was as quiet as a funeral home.

The victory improves Kent State to 2-1. The loss was the second straight for Penn State. After the game, David met Goliath at center field. Coach Doug Martin shook the hand of legendary coach Joe Paterno. A few words were exchanged amid Kent players celebrating on the field, and one will never know what exactly was said. But the scoreboard surely spoke for itself on this fall day in State College, Pa.

What if this did happen? What if this was a true recap? Anything is possible and anybody on any given Saturday can fall. That’s why they play the game.

Do you think Michigan thought anything of Appalachian State? Or Virginia Tech of James Madison last week? Hell no. No one gave them a prayer’s chance, and the tiny school pulled the major upset. Do you think Penn State is scared of Kent State?


Every program has that one game, that one defining, over-the-hump match that draws all of the attention to them. That makes the average fan say, “Wow, they’re for real now.” In this day in age, when you think of Kent State football, you either think of Josh Cribbs, Antonio Gates (and he played basketball!) or James Harrison. No particular games. No particular bowl wins. Not even a specific season. This needs to change, and change fast.

By playing a top team like Penn State this weekend, it gets the fan base excited. It gives everybody a reason to watch the game. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be saying these things if 90Ksu wasn’t in affect right now. The “what if” factor is what makes this game so interesting. Just look at the facts:

• Penn State is coming off a loss where its weaknesses were exposed on film to Kent State.

• The Nittany Lions are starting a true freshman quarterback with a whopping two career games under his belt.

• The Flashes have proved that their running defense can keep up with a bigger college program, as they held Boston College to 87 yards on 40 carries.

Basically, if we wanted to play Penn State any year, this would be the year.

If we lose, so what? People expect it. But if we win? If Kent State beats up on the big dogs? Then it becomes defining.

Fans haven’t been this excited for a Kent State football game in years. More fans are traveling to this game than if it were being played in Akron.

So, Doug Martin, what we ask is this: Shock the world. Force ESPN to flash the Flashes on “College Football Live” and “SportsCenter.” Make Kent State the front cover of Sports Illustrated. Let them know who we are.

We are… Kent State.

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