What can’t you live without?

Molly Cahill

If a show like A&E’s popular documentary series, “Hoarders,” is to be believed then it is fair to assume that humans like stuff.

Granted, only a small percentage of the population is prone to compulsive hoarding, but most people are willing to admit that there is at least one thing they could not live without.

Kent State students are no exception.

Though the object that is so important to them may change, the connection they have to it does not.

Cell Phones

Freshman zoology major Trevor Graham has had his Samsung InstinctTM for the past two years. He said he likely couldn’t get through a day without it.

“Most likely if I didn’t have my phone I’d probably be lost, like I don’t even know if I could make it through class without looking at my phone once,” Graham said.


Erin Miller, junior zoology major, said her horseback riding is something she couldn’t live without.

“I [used to] ride every single day so when I came to school I couldn’t do it every day, so definitely that. I commute an hour and a half so on my late days I can’t go out to the barn anymore,” Miller said.


Luke Cardille, freshman history major, made sure his books were with him at school. His books are the first things he turns to when he has nothing else to do.

“I’m a history major, and I have a library of books, and they’ve taken up probably my entire cabinet right now,” Cardille said. “Even if I’ve read it millions of times before, I really need to read that book again for some reason.”

Whether the thing that students deem to be so important can fit in a pocket, take up an entire bookcase or require traveling back and forth to school for over an hour everyday, Kent State students know it’s not something they would be able to give up readily.

–Molly Cahill [email protected].