What does poking mean?

Kelsey Misbrener

Flirting in 2010 is as easy as clicking a button.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have heard of the “poke” button on Facebook. 

When you click a Facebook friend’s “poke” button, they will receive a notification that they have been poked and have the option to either poke back or hide the poke. 

It seems straightforward, but Kent State students have very different reactions when they are “poked” on Facebook.

“If a random girl pokes me, I’m assuming she thinks I’m cute.”

Freshman computer science major Adam Kalavsky

“I heard it means sex.”

Sophomore psychology major Jessica VanKuren

“I think my mom poked me once.  I don’t really think anything of it. I guess I do like it.  It makes me feel special.”

Sophomore electronic media production major Erik Shear

“I don’t think I’ve ever been poked on Facebook. I’m pretty sure the only person who has ever poked me is my dad.”

Freshman physics major D.J. Swiczkowski

“After the second poke, it’s annoying. The first poke is fine.”

Senior business management major Tristian Holmes

“I think it’s strange.  If someone poked me in real life, I’d be like, ‘Back up off me, dude.’”

Sophomore anthropology major Greg Resendez 

“I think it’s very creepy. Poking people in real life is weird, so why

would you want to do it via the Internet?”

Junior public relations major Kasey Fahey

“Some people take it sexually, and others are like, ‘Wow, why are you poking me?’”

Sophomore undecided major Kristen Egan

“I get excited, like ‘Oh! I got a poke!”

Sophomore psychology major Lani Haeck

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