Cheers and Jeers | campus, Kent and more

DKS Editors


• The sense of individualism permeating the campus. At other campuses, everyone dresses and acts the same, but at Kent State, everyone just does their own thing.

• Being independent. It’s great to have your mommy do stuff for you, but being in college will show you how to survive on your own. There’s no greater freedom than coming to college.

• The Rec. Even if you have to get up early to fit in a workout, it’s worth it.

• All the new people you get to meet

• Staying up late and partying to the break of dawn. Let the good times roll. (See freshman advice below.)

• To the laidback, down-to-earth attitudes among students at Kent State. No popped collars, sun dresses or country club attire necessary to attend classes.

• The possibilities created by going to college. You’ll never feel more free and optimistic about your future.

• To Kent State’s rich and important history — most of it is hidden or barely discussed. That means the discoveries you make on your own are that much more inspiring.


• The weak water pressure in the dorm showers.

• The college workload. You may love your major, but 18 credit hours and a part-time job can be pretty stressful. There’s little time for fun.

• Food prices. There is nothing like paying $5 for a box of cereal. But at least the food is pretty good.

• All the money the university is spending on aesthetic improvements, particularly since tuition costs continue to rise and we’re still in the middle of a recession.

• To being “sexiled” by your roommate. Talk about it before you become a victim.

• To parking tickets. The quickest way to go broke is by parking in the wrong lot.

• The long lines in the Hub. It takes dedication to get some of the best food on campus.

• To Kent State’s lingering, negative reputation, even among students who attend school here. We continue to climb in the rankings of U.S. colleges but students keep the “Kent read, Kent write, Kent State” mantra alive.

• To living off dining hall, microwaveable or fast food nine months out of the year. Organize cooking parties with your friends to combat the onslaught of bad food.

• To the Kent State administration for still allowing faculty members to require students to purchase clickers. They’re the biggest waste of money for students, and they decrease classroom productivity as professors attempt to learn how to use them.


• The town. People are friendly and everything is close by in terms of restaurants, bars, shops and houses. There’s a nice “home town” persona.

• The river walk — go west on Main Street, pass Franklin Square Deli, cross the river, turn right and go down the stairs.

• Canoe and kayak trips down the Cuyahoga River. Check out the new Kent State canoe and kayak livery at John Brown Tannery Park, 100 Stow Street.

• The Kent Stage is a great place to discover new music. Tickets are relatively cheap, and it’s a few blocks from campus.

• The great local eateries, such as Anthony’s, Franklin Square Deli or Taco Tonto’s.

• To living in a town full of your best friends and other people your age. It’s more difficult, if not impossible, to make this happen after graduation.

• To the city of Kent for moving forward with the university for plans to revitalize downtown with a hotel and conference center, plus other shops. Maybe freshmen will actually see this project come to fruition.


• The weather. Snow, snow and more snow. Wind, wind and more wind. Need we say more?

• Jeers to the city of Kent for neglecting to repair streets around the university. We understand students may not be your first priority, but many of us live and work here, too.


• Don’t wait to get involved and have fun! Kent State has more than 200 registered student organizations, covering a broad range of interests.

• Balance partying with going to class. Duh!

• Don’t come to college thinking a.) Everyone’s better than you OR b.) You’re better than everyone else. School is tough, and we’re all on equal footing in regard to balancing homework, school, friends, family and significant others. Suck it up, either way.

• Don’t break the law. If you do, you’re name will probably be in the police blotter — the most read part of the Daily Kent Stater.

• May 4 is not just a chance to get out of classes, even though many students treat it as such. It’s important to remember the tragedy that happened here 40 years ago.

• Form a core group of friends, and then make a few extra friends outside that circle. You’ll be grateful for those extra friends you don’t see around the clock when you need a break from the daily grind.

• One of the most difficult things about college is trying to find a balance between the social and academic aspects. It’s easy to let partying get in the way, but one could also argue that it’s easy to let homework get in the way of what one learn from friends.

• Make these four years count. Treat college as if you have only four years to learn everything you can about this world. That pressure and sense of urgency will serve you well.

This is a compilation of submissions from students working for the Daily Kent Stater, Black Squirrel Radio and TV2.