A new semester, a new year and a fresh start

DKS Editors

Whether you’re leaving home for the first time or haven’t been home since last semester ended, there’s always time to take in some good advice. Being a college student is the greatest combination of responsibility by day, irresponsibility by night. While you’ve probably got it under control, a little motherly nagging never hurts.

Step one, buy your books early. Books fly off the shelves, and, if you wait, all the good deals will be gone. If you don’t need them all, return them. If you do need them all, use them. Simple!

Step two, remember to budget enough time to get to class. If you’re driving, walking or taking the bus, campus will be packed, and we all know there’s never enough parking.

Step three, pay attention to the smaller details. Take time to get to know your professors, walk around campus and enjoy the new art. Do your homework outside while it’s still nice out.

Finally, enjoy the semester. College is a great reminder of how time flies. Classes seem to last forever, but before you know it, the real world won’t be so far away.

As you settle in to your new routine and wish summer a sweet farewell, make sure to embrace changes the semester brings. It’s a new semester, a new year and a fresh start—make it count.