Opinion: They did it on their own

SKS Editors

Just under three years ago, the President of the Greek fraternity Delta Upsilon, Robert Lewis, was arrested on charges of felonious assault. He was sentenced on Monday.

The prosecution maintains that his girlfriend at the time, the victim of the felonious assault, is paralyzed from the waist down after an alcohol-induced fight between the two left her with serious injuries that worsened over time.

For most of us, the Kent State campus and Greek life is associated with good memories, parties, alcohol and camaraderie.

It is a pity that incidents such as this one can taint the image of what a fraternity or a sorority is actually supposed to stand for.

Incidents of violence at fraternities are not common. Some studies, such as one conducted by faculty at Ohio University, have said that the highest number of violent incidents specifically targeting women on a college campus take place at fraternity houses. None of the evidence for this is conclusive in any way.

However, even one report like this is enough to make people afraid of fraternity life in general, and people begin to point fingers at organizations and groups on campus.

The thing to remember, though, is the organization itself is not the one at fault. The people involved were individuals. They made their choices, they took action and they suffer the consequences as individuals.

Robert Lewis was sentenced to two years in jail and three years on probation for his act of violence. The target of his anger may never walk again.

This summer, we have seen the results of three trials involving students from Kent State. It may be optimistic to think it will never happen again, but it is our hope that we don’t have to see another one of these incidents.

A college campus is traditionally meant to be a place of learning and shouldn’t. be synonymous with violence. It may be time to remember that, especially when the start of a new semester is right around the corner.

The above is a consensus of the Summer Kent Stater editorial board.

News editor Allison Smith, who is a member of Alpha Xi Delta, did not participate in the writing of this editorial.