Work versus sports: The Office wins!

SKS Editors

Come fall 2011, Michael Scott will no longer be an employee at Dunder Mifflin, Inc. (better known as “The Office” for those of you who don’t inhabit televisionland). We don’t know why or how it will happen. All we know is we won’t be seeing his goofy grin or hearing his ignorant comments any longer.

So how will the Scranton branch continue without its fearless leader? Dwight has attempted to take over the branch before, perhaps he will succeed this time. Maybe Jim will be promoted. Our guess is that Michael will die hilariously by the hands of someone he pissed off. So, like, everyone?

The real story is that Steve Carell signed a contract for seven seasons and just decided to not renew it. After he hinted to the BBC that he did not plan to renew it, fans speculated he was holding out for a better salary. A few weeks ago, though, Carell told “E!” he feels that “it’s time” and that doesn’t have to do with money. He said there are so many new characters and storylines, he thinks it will continue on successfully.

The Office has been a huge deal here in the newsroom for a while, as it has been everywhere. Office interactions everywhere at some time have mirrored the craziness we have seen on the show. So we can’t imagine the show without Michael Scott, the fearless indomitable, if somewhat dimwitted leader. Mindy Kaling, co-executive producer and co-star, said she would like to see Dwight take over Michael’s position. But can he really replace the great Michael Scott? We don’t think so.

While Dwight is entertaining, he has displayed no leadership skills thus far. He is delusional and power-hungry and would only bring the branch, and possibly the company, down by firing everyone he hates and rehiring those who pander to his massive ego. With Dwight as the regional manager, Jim would no longer be able to play tricks on him. Dwight would have the power to fire him. The story arc doesn’t seem plausible.

But no matter what the executives at NBC decides to do with the eighth season of “The Office”, we will still watch it; at least for a few episodes just to see if it’s still good.

So, Mr. Carell, we wish you luck on your future endeavors, but we will not say we are pleased with your decision. At least you didn’t take an hour to announce it. We’ve had enough to deal with in the last few weeks with dramatic publicity hungry whores. And for those of you who’re wondering why we’ve chosen to cover the latest television developments, well to you all we remind you, it’s summer. Ideal television time.

The above is a consensus of the Summer Kent Stater editorial board.