Don’t question my loyalty, King James

Caitlin Sirse

In the wake of King LeBron James’ decision, speculation has been flying about a conspiracy theory – and why not?

Whether intentional or not, this hero has deceived his fans into believing he was Cleveland’s “Chosen One.” Now, he expects us to believe he woke up and had an epiphany the day he was scheduled to go on national television and rip our hearts out.

The truth is we’re starting to see he wasn’t the “Chosen One” at all. Instead, he is the “Choosing One,” just as a king would be.

Since this incredible athlete was in middle school, he’s had his pick of everything under the sun. He has had people catering to his every need, granting his every wish since he was an adolescent, similar to that of a budding member of royalty.

There is one thing missing from this king’s throne, though: humility.

Although he claimed on Thursday night his whole experience with the Cavs has been a humbling one, James is full of crap. The only humbling experience he’s accepted is that he can’t win a championship on his own.

Instead of trying harder, he’s relaxing in the back of his chariot in hopes of finding the easy route to a ring in Miami. After all, you can’t be a king without the bling.

According to the conspiracy theory, the king’s plan may have been in the works for years. This is too bad for James because if there is anything Cleveland and its fans can offer, it’s a lesson in humility.

For starters, this king could have learned what humility means: a general interest in selflessness. Had he played with his heart, instead of his ego, he might have understood what it’s like to have fans who love him because of where he came from and what he represented – his talents were only a part of the package that we thought was King James.

He’s certainly not going to learn about this in Miami.

Fortunately for Miami, their odds of getting a ring are high because of their recent string of new talent, but they certainly are not getting a humble hero they can look up to beyond the court. The selfless mask King James once paraded in around our city has worn thin and disappeared.

During “the decision,” he says his “real fans” will love him for who he is. The only problem is he doesn’t understand what “real” means. These “real fans” are people from Akron, Cleveland and others all over the world who had hopes for not only their hero, but for his entire team.

A “real” Cleveland fan loves the city despite the many, many letdowns. A “real fan” doesn’t just love the star, but the entire team. A “real” Cleveland fan isn’t going to change teams because Cleveland is sucking.

He’s no longer any fan’s real hero.

A “real hero” wouldn’t fly hundreds of miles from his fans, tell them their king won’t be returning to his throne and have the nerve to question their loyalty.

This king deserves nothing more from Cleveland fans than the disloyalty he showed his teammates, hometown and fans all over the world.

Like other “real fans” all over Cleveland, I propose the discarded “Witness” signage be replaced with the royal court he left behind who will now become our real kings of Cleveland.

Caitlin Sirse is graduate student who works for for the Summer Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].