Opinion: Oh “The Betrayal,” you dragged on much too long

Kaylee Remington

I think it is safe to say that I am sick of entertainment news now. Now don’t get me wrong, I like hearing a bit of juicy gossip, but this is ridiculous. I feel it is appropriate to focus on one of our entertainment stars for now: LeBron James. He has filled up my Twitter feed for God knows how long now. I use Twitter for the big issues in the nation and, of course, I will look at what our iconic stars are doing as well. I couldn’t find any of the real issues in my Twitter. So, back to King James.

LeBron’s broadcast of his decision, I think, was bigger than the presidential election. A few friends and I sat around the TV while LeBron rambled on and on before telling us he would be joining the Miami Heat. The questions were getting a little annoying. How many people know? Can you count them on one hand? We don’t care. Just tell us where he is going so we can get on with our lives. After all that, I went outside to get some air and saw fellow King James fans burn a poster of LeBron. It was sad. I felt bad for everyone that thought King James was going to stay in Cleveland.

Now, this type of decision and news coverage didn’t have to be so extreme and drag on forever. Not only did this feel like a stab in the back, but I feel like this decision was coming. Everyone remember the last game of LeBron’s career with the Cleveland Cavaliers? Yeah, case closed. Why didn’t you just tell us LeBron? I could see you just didn’t care anymore and you craved a championship. Well, you promised Cleveland a championship too, but you didn’t go through with that. Watch out Heat, he might disappoint you as well.

I do wish LeBron the best at the Heat only to be a mature Cleveland fan. You gave Cleveland a reputation and a great seven years of basketball, but I am not pleased with the outcome of this decision. I think we all know General Manager Dan Gilbert isn’t pleased either. Out of everyone, I think he needed to be the adult to all fans. Instead, he writes a letter to fans all over in Comic Sans font. It looked like a font my 10-year-old cousin would use to write to me. Gilbert, I know you were mad, but I think you should have proofread your little statement before posting it.

All of this wrapped up in someone allegedly claiming they are LeBron’s father and Lindsay Lohan getting 90 days in jail. What a summer! All in all, I think the decision shouldn’t have dragged on that long and should have been as quick as the process of the LeBron murals being torn down this past weekend.

LeBron, don’t forget who signed you on their team back in 2003, who started your whole basketball career, who plastered your face on a downtown building: Cleveland. We’ll see you at the Cavs vs. Heat game. Bring it.

Kaylee Remington is a senior magazine journalism major

and a columnist for the Summer

Kent Stater. Contact her at

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