And so it’s come to this

Nick Baker

It sure has been a fun ride, hasn’t it?

For three semesters I’ve written this column, doing my best to entertain, inform, ramble and offend.

And we’ll call this one my senior column, but I have very little interest in recounting my college experience and the things I’ve learned in a nostalgic yearbook fashion.

So instead, you get a column about my columns.

At times my columns have been simple, self-indulgent musings (and, well, I can’t be more self-indulgent than writing about my own columns). Other times, they’ve been valiant attempts at making relevant commentary on any number of pertinent issues (yes, Dolph Lundgren movies are indeed pertinent).

Either way, it’s been a pleasure.

And I just want to thank anyone who ever read my column and thought about it, whether it was, “Gee, he sure makes a good point,” or “God, I hate this asshole.” It really is flattering.

The column has been great. Newspaper writing can often be rather bland, and I have relished the opportunity to spout off all my random thoughts in a relatively open forum. Plus, because of the accompanying head shot, I’ve been recognized while slinging wraps at Prentice or drinking at parties and at other random spots by people who otherwise would have no idea who I am. So, you know, it’s made me immensely popular.

And the people who tell me they recognize me from the paper generally have positive attitudes about my columns. Just once, I would’ve liked to have a real hater say: “Hey, I recognize you from the newspaper! You’re Nick Baker. I can’t stand you! You suck.” A little diversity is always nice.

In all seriousness, I think the Opinion section is great, and more people should take advantage of the opportunity to rattle off their own grievances (including some of our frequent online commenters). My editor, Sarah Steimer, has always given me a good amount of freedom, and I thank her for that (save one instance when I wrote a sentence about Wilt Chamberlain dragging his overworked member across America). It’s made writing this column worthwhile.

I mean, how many newspapers will let someone write, “Fuck your life, seriously.” as a closing to a column about a popular website?

I haven’t kept count, but I think I’ve snuck three or four f-words into the Opinion section, so we’ll chalk those up as personal success stories.

And when I look back on my time as a columnist, I’d like to point to a pair of comments on my column “Kent read, Kent write, Kent dance” which basically sum it all up.

Kristen writes, “Are you kidding me? I really find this article offensive. I’m so sorry you’re too cool and the most amazing reggae music aficionado who can bedazzle all us stupid ‘white suburbanites’ with your sick dance moves and your oh-so-amazing and ‘original’ taste in music. Because nobody else can enjoy the same music as you and have a good time without being a poser.”

To which Lester responds, “I’m high and this is funny.”

Thank you, Kent State. It’s been really real.

Nick Baker is a senior magazine journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].