Our View: Next semester, you may finally be able to afford textbooks

This week and next, Kent State students will begin selling back their textbooks. For some, it may be for the last time, and not just because they are graduating.

The university recently announced that it will begin offering students the option of renting their textbooks. Previously, students were able to rent textbooks from Web sites such as Chegg.com, but now the process will be much more convenient.

The university bookstore, Campus Book and Supply and Dubois Book Store will all be offering the option of renting, rather than buying textbooks starting in the fall. Earlier this semester, the university said they weren’t sure if they would begin offering on-campus rentals, and we’re glad they decided in favor of it.

Buying textbooks from semester to semester takes a heavy hit on students’ bank accounts. And it’s for something that within a matter of months, students won’t use again.

Some students experiment with buying books off Half.com and other Web sites or from friends to save money, but this new service, if it works, seems like it will be both a convenient and cheap alternative.

The rental prices will be offered at 50 percent off the regular price of both new and used textbooks. So if you rent a used textbook, that’s really not a bad deal.

But like all processes, this one is going to take time. Only 10 to 25 percent of all textbooks will be offered as rentals this fall, but fortunately, more and more will be offered if students show an interest.

Students should certainly take advantage of this because it will save them a significant amount of money and free them of deciding what to do with old textbooks that are just collecting dust. Not just that, but the more students show an interest in this, the more likely it is that this program will expand.

Implementing this program shows that those involved with selling textbooks at Kent State have students’ best interests at heart. We hope that someday, Kent State students have the option of renting, rather than buying, all of their textbooks. With college costs higher than ever, it seems to be the best solution for the future.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.