How to read your palm

Kelley Stoklosa

The left hand represents the emotion. The right hand represents the practical. Read both hands for the best results.

1. Life Line– Explains a person’s vitality. A solid line suggests a life full of reward. The higher the line toward the index finger, the more ambitious a person tends to be. A chained or wavy line indicates a mental or physical weakness.

2. Head Line– Mental capacity is depicted through a head line. A person with a long line is ambitious. Someone with a short line is likely intellectual and contemplative. The deeper the line, the better the memory. A straight line might mean someone is too materialistic. People with double lines are very talented. The absence of a line is a good indication of laziness.

3. Heart Line– This line deals with all matters of the heart. True love is in the future for someone with a deep heart line. If a heart line joins the head line, that person’s head rules their heart. Chained lines likely belong to the flirtatious types. If the line begins high on the hand, this indicates a very passionate and often jealous person. Someone with a very low line may come off too cold toward romantic partners.

4. Fate Line– This line holds the truth about a person’s destiny. Breaks in the line stand for life changes a person will incur. If the line breaks at the head line, a successful career change is in store during middle-age. A life line that begins at the head line means the person sets his or her destiny. If the line is well pronounced, fate strongly impacts a person’s life.

5. Will/Logic– The top section of the thumb corresponds with will. The bottom section corresponds with logic. The longest section is the dominant force in a person’s decision-making skills.

­— Kelley Stoklosa