Randy’s six-pack

Randy Ziemnik

A quick look at recent happenings in the sports world

1.) Geno Ford: I say Kent State did the right thing by extending head basketball coach Geno Ford’s contract. Ford is a rising star in the coaching world and has proven in two years on the job that he’s fully capable of taking the program to the next level. He’ll move on to a bigger and better job eventually, but for now, it’s nice to see the university shell out some extra cash (for once) to keep a good coach around for a couple of years.

2.) Shaun Rogers: I say Shaun Rogers is a complete and utter ass for trying to bring a loaded gun onto an airplane. Saying you forgot the gun was in your bag is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard and makes you look like a dumb jock. And why does Rogers have a loaded gun on him anyway? Last time I checked it’s still not a good idea to start trouble with a 6-4, 300-pound NFL defensive lineman.

3.) Gus Johnson: I say CBS should have Gus Johnson broadcast Final Four games instead of Jim Nantz. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jim Nantz as much as the next guy, but could you imagine if Johnson was doing play by play for Monday’s National Championship game? There would have been numerous broken microphones, paramedics standing by to revive Johnson and a pretty good YouTube video as well.

4.) Donovan McNabb: I say the Eagles are going to regret trading Donavan McNabb to the Redskins. McNabb is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league and was never fully appreciated in Philadelphia. Plus, why would the Eagles ship McNabb to a division rival where he can turn around and bite them in the ass two or potentially three times a year? McNabb’s replacement Kevin Kolb hasn’t proven a thing in the NFL. And as a Browns fan, I know what happens when you have question marks at the quarterback position: nothing good.

5.) Cleveland Indians: I say it’s going to be a very long season for the Cleveland Indians. On paper they have one of the worst rotations in baseball and a batting order that wouldn’t scare an intramural softball team. It’s a real shame this franchise has fallen from the glory years of the 90s. If the Dolan’s can’t, or don’t want to dish out the money to put a quality product on the field, they should sell the team to someone who will.

6.) LeBron James: I say that if I were a betting man, I would bet on LeBron James leaving Cleveland for New York or New Jersey. Seeing LeBron hanging out with Dr. Dre and rooting for the Yankees during Sunday’s season opener against Boston gave me a real uneasy feeling. LeBron clearly has a love affair with the city of New York, and given the choice between New York and Cleveland, as a native Clevelander, I’d certainly pick New York. My gut tells me LeBron will, too.

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