BSR morning update for April 6, 2010

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom for Tuesday, April 6, I’m Hannah Brehm and here’s what’s happening….

With the warm weather upon us, the KSU police have broken out the bikes and are on Bike Patrol. Miguel Witt, who has instructed bike patrol training for the Kent State Police Department for four years, says it’s a more efficient way to patrol, especially on a college campus. It can allow for officers to more easily reach pedestrian areas where cars cannot, such as the quad and near the honors dorms. The number of officers on Bikes with increase once all the new officers are fully trained and ready for independent police work.

Four coal miners are missing in Montcoal, West Virginia after a blast killed 25, the worst U.S mining disaster since 1984. The search is on for the miners but the situation is dire, according to Kevin Stricklin, an administrator for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. Poisonous gases have prevented rescuers from getting into the mine, but measures are being taking to relieve the toxic build up. Massey Energy Co a subsidiary of Performance Coal Co has a history of violations of not property ventilating highly combustible methane gas.

It’s currently 66 degrees and partly cloudy and will be warming up to beautiful 80 degrees .

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