Cheers and Jeers for Wed. April 28

Hump Day

Check out this weeks cheers and jeers


• Cheers to the participants of Relay for Life on Saturday and Sunday, who didn’t let the rain stop them from their walking. Your efforts raised more than $80,000 for cancer research and should be celebrated.

• Cheers to less heralded athletes and teams. The Kent State women’s golf team won its 12th straight Mid-American Conference title over the weekend, and softball pitcher Kylie Reynolds set a MAC record for wins. They may not get the headlines other teams do, but these athletes should be celebrated, too.

• Cheers to people who celebrated Earth Day last week, and bigger cheers to people who think of the environment constantly. As one person said, we shouldn’t think about the environment for just one day a year — we should think about it for all 365.

• Cheers to the Cleveland Cavaliers for winning their first two games of the playoffs. Let’s hope they keep up the good work and that this is the year they win a title for Cleveland.


• Jeers to the partygoers at College Fest who threw bottles and other objects at police officers when they began clearing parties. Your actions made the rest of the crowd, which was actually mostly peaceful, look bad.

• Jeers to the people who have planned a second College Fest for the second Saturday in May. One College Fest is fine, but doing a second one seems to be asking for trouble.

• Jeers to people who text while driving. It’s dangerous for other drivers on the road, and we’re glad the Ohio House of Representatives is taking steps to ban it.