BSR morning update for Fri., April 23, 2010


Morning update

From the Franklin Hall newsroom on Friday, April 23rd, I’m Steven Webster, and here’s what’s happening.

Kent State and Kent city police are preparing for tomorrow’s CollegeFest. Officers from the Kent State and Brimfield Police Departments as well as the Portage county Swat Team will be on stand-by to assist. Last year, riots and fires forces Kent Police to arrest an estimated fifty students.

Yesterday in the Adrian Barker trial, defense attorneys called several witnesses, all of whom gave statements differing from the initial statements given to police. The defense and prosecution are expected to make closing arguments in the case this morning. Adrian Barker stands accused of the murder of Kent State student Christopher Kernich last November.

A 1 by 5 mile oil slick is spreading across the Gulf of Mexico from the area where the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded Tuesday. The Coast Guard is still searching for the 11 crew members still missing. Officials are still unsure what caused the blast.

The 2010 NFL Draft started yesterday. Quarterback Sam Bradford, from the University of Oklahoma, was the #1 draft pick, recruited by the St. Louis Rams. Controversial Florida quarterbackTim Tebow was picked #25 by the Denver Broncos. The Browns drafted Florida cornerback Joe Haden in their first pick of the draft.

In weather, today will be mostly sunny, with a high of 66. Tonight will have a 40% chance of showers after midnight, and a low of 46 degrees.

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