How would you write off your least favorite character from the TV lineup this fall?

Megan Moore

Natalie Millar, sophomore public relations major, said she is a fan of the CW show, “Gossip Girl.” The new season started Monday, and Millar said she is not a big fan of the character Jenny Humphrey that is why she would “kill” her off of the show if she could.

Millar said she would make an episode where Jenny, Blair Waldorf and Nate Archibald would go out to dinner, and when Jenny isn’t paying attention, Nate and Blair would spike her drink with a toxic drug, which would ultimately lead to her death.

Sara Kuykendall, junior advertising major, said one of her favorite TV shows is ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” While the doctors are out saving lives, Kuykendall said the cast could do without Izzie Stevens, who George O’Malley cheated on his wife with.

If she could kill her off of the show, Izzie would die from intense stress. But she said they would have to make it all dramatic, so the cast would miss her, but later realize the benefits of Izzie being gone.

Jonathan Brown, freshman zoology major and “Family Guy” fan, said he would rather see Bonnie Swanson killed off the show than see Lois Griffin fall victim to one of Stewie’s evil plans. Brown’s plot to kill off Joe Swanson’s wife involves her being pregnant again. He said when she goes to the hospital to have the baby, the doctor would make the wrong incision during a C-section and she would bleed to death.

Instead of “CSI’s” Catherine Willows solving a crime, Kelly Powers, sophomore athletic training major, said Willows would be one of the show’s victims instead. She said if she could set the scene for Willow’s death, she would have her psychotic ex-husband strangle her with his hands. The crime scene investigators would go in search of her body and find her in an ocean or a lake.

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