Students advise others on fashion trends to avoid

Kristyn Soltis

High school styles can be college faux pas

In 1955, all freshmen were expected to wear dinks, small blue and gold skullcaps. They were also expected to carry the K-book, a book of rules, organizations, services, traditions and campus maps, with them at all times. Freshmen had to present the K-book upon request of anyone of higher-class rank, and for those freshmen under the age of 21, they were expected to “dink” upon request. This meant freshmen were to grasp their dinks by the top button and dip under it.

Dinking was limited to campus; however, freshmen had to wear their dinks in town as well. The only time freshmen were permitted to remove their dinks was Saturday after 6 p.m.

This tradition of hazing continued until 1968.

In the 1965 University Handbook, there was an article entitled “Campus Dress Casual, but Neat.” This article let students know what was acceptable fashion to wear to specific events. For sporting events, concerts, homecoming and campus day events, men were expected to wear white dress shirts, sports jackets and ties while ladies wore wool dresses and almost always had to wear heels.

Today, some students believe girls shouldn’t be dressed up for such casual events as football games or simply heading to class.

Below, Kent State students weigh in on other fashion faux pas students commit in college.

Flip-flops in winter: “I think it’s pretty unrealistic for students to wear (flip-flops) in the winter, not to mention unsafe,” said Samantha Staniec, junior fashion merchandising major. “A lot of times I just don’t think students realize how cold our winters are.”

Instead, students should opt for a nice pair of winter boots or sneakers, something that covers the whole foot.

High school T-shirts/jackets: “I hate seeing freshmen who come and still wear their high school letterman’s jackets,” said Mike Moore, senior business management major. “That may have made them cool in high school, but let’s be honest, if they were that good at their sport they would probably be at a better school playing that sport.”

For shirts or sweatshirts with the school name on them, check out the campus bookstore or DuBois Bookstore for Kent apparel.

Lanyards: “I don’t necessarily like them, but I guess I would find them to be convenient,” said Brittany Doyle, sophomore integrated health studies major. “I think for girls they should definitely just get the Vera Bradley phone holder wallet thing. It’s a little bit more fashionable.”

A Vera Bradley zip ID case costs $10 on or in the University Bookstore.

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