Supporting the Super Bowl

Nicole Aikens

Local retailers offer fans style tips for Super Bowl game

We’ve all seen it before: That scantily clad, middle-aged man donning the painted beer belly and face in sub-zero degree weather at the football game. Maybe you are that man. Maybe you’re dating that man. On Super Bowl Sunday, that man is going to be out in full face-painted force. How will your attire compare?

The supporter

Maybe you’re the type of person who picks a team based on team color or a superstar athlete – you’re a supporter. You’re not loyal to either team, so whether you’ve decided to back Pittsburgh or Arizona, this is the style you should go with.

A simple T-shirt is the way for a supporter to go ($19.99-$24.99, Champs Sports). There is a large array of different designs to suit even the most selective of buyers, and they are relatively inexpensive. The biggest perk is you’re not spending very much money, so if your team lets you down you can always burn the shirt the very next day (matches, $1.15 per box, CVS).

The loyal fan

Now on to the next tier of game day attire: An outfit for the loyal fan. This is the person who has supported the team since he or she was in the womb; and loves the team, the city and the players.

For this person, a jersey is top choice. Spend the extra money and get the official Kurt Warner or Ben Roethlisberger gear ($69.99, Champs Sports).

“A jersey shows you’re a true fan,” said Chris, a Champs Sports employee who asked not to have his last name used. “Everyone asks for James Harrison because he’s from Kent State, but we just don’t have him.”

Freshman exploratory major Tom Barracato, who considers himself a loyal football fan, agreed.

“I would be wearing a jersey, probably a hat. Crazy (gear) like that,” Barracato said.

You’re going to look good and clearly show which colors you bleed. Even if you already have a jersey, you may want to top the outfit off with the team’s official sideline hat ($25.99, Lids).

The superfan

The last level in the Super Bowl wardrobe guide is the superfan. That’s right, the Dior of the gridiron. These are the people that want minimal effort to show maximum pride. These are the people who will brave any kind of weather to show off their two-tone painted stomachs. If you think you have what it takes to embody all that it means to be a superfan, then follow these simple directions and prepare yourself to live in infamy.

The first thing to do is take off as much clothing as possible, but make sure you won’t create a case for indecent exposure. Next, paint yourself in your team’s two primary colors (body paint, $2.99, Mr. Fun’s Costume and Magic Emporium). You can do any design you want, but the half and half is always popular.

“Normally for any sporting event we do sell a lot of face paint. Sometimes people will buy different color beads, like Mardi Gras beads, for the colors of the teams,” said Mr. Fun’s manager Emmet Zollinger.

Measure your amount of support and pride in a team, and pick an outfit appropriately. Make the outfit your own by adding some flair – a beer can helmet and a foam finger can do wonders for a Super Bowl party suit.

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