24 chances to make a difference

Rory Geraghty

I have a challenge for you.

If you are a Kent State student, walk down the corridor of any residence hall, dining hall or even outside and ask as many people as possible a single question:

“Has cancer affected your life?”

If someone replies that they have not been touched by cancer, perhaps the question needs to be clarified. Ensure that this person understands that family, friends, friends of friends, friends of family members and any other relation, familial or otherwise, counts.

Why am I proposing this type of challenge? I’m hoping to open your eyes.

Cancer will affect all of us.

Cancer has affected all of us.

Cancer kills.

Relay For Life, an annual event held at numerous locations across the country, provides an opportunity for us, as humans, to fight back.


• WHEN: 10:00 a.m. Saturday untill 10 a.m. Sunday

• WHERE: Small Group Track

For more information, visit RelayForLife.org

It would be difficult to find someone who has not been affected by cancer – whether it is a family member, a friend or even a friend of a friend, we’ve all been touched.

I’m personally asking each and every person reading this column to make a difference by participating at the Kent State edition of Relay For Life on Saturday at 10 a.m. until Sunday at 10 a.m. The 24-hour event is taking place on campus at the Small Group track, located behind the DeWeese Heath Center.

Several student organizations, as well as local groups not affiliated with the university, will be on hand to provide fundraising opportunities. All of the proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

For the first time, Black Squirrel Radio will also be present in more than a DJing role. Representatives from the campus radio station will be prepared to record your story in an effort to raise money for the ACS. Throughout the event, BSR will be live from the track, airing your personal stories about how cancer has affected your life and why you chose to participate in Relay For Life.

Many other student organizations will provide ample opportunity for participants to donate to the cause, as well.

The premise is very simple – we’re in the fight against cancer together. If there was ever an event that could truly bring all of Kent together, this is it. Students, faculty, staff and community members need to make it a personal priority to participate in this event.

We’re all fighting the same battle against cancer.

If we choose to come together with a combined effort, maybe we’ll win.

Rory Geraghty is a senior electronic media production major and a columnist with the Daily Kent Stater. He can be reached at [email protected].