KIC brings kids to Eastway

Julie McKinney

The Blizzard Bash brought local children to campus and brought out each Kent Interhall Council member’s child at heart.

Eastway Center’s lower level was filled with games, crafts and entertainment for elementary students from the Kent Parks and Recreation after-school program on Friday afternoon.

The children and KIC members interacted at craft and game stations, but the most popular stop was Paul Holbert’s — aka Mr. Balloon’s. Holbert twisted balloons into trees and teddy bears in a matter of seconds while children looked in awe and asked him, “How do you do it so fast?”

The program is an annual KIC community-builder. KIC President Traci Sanders said college students have a bad reputation for partying and not having concern for the community.

“It’s an opportunity to get involved in a fun way,” Sanders said. “No one is going to show up if we say, ‘Let’s go pick up trash.'”

The program was also an opportunity to show area children what Kent State has to offer, said Melanie Poinar, junior nutrition major and KIC director of community development.

“It’s a chance for them to have fun — and the college kids as well,” Poinar said.

Sanders said the children at the Blizzard Bash now have a connection with Kent State. When the time comes for those children to choose a college, Sanders said, “Between us and Akron, they will choose us.”

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