Campaign for Change ends Friday

Jackie Valley

Posters, advertisements and e-mails have targeted students all semester as part of the university’s first student philanthropy initiative — the Campaign for Change.

Friday marks the end of the giving campaign, and so far, about 200 students have contributed to the scholarship fund, said Kelly Brunt, assistant director of Annual Giving.

After the campaign ends, eight students will be randomly selected to win back the money they gave plus more in the form of eight scholarships.

Brunt said the gifts range in size from $1 to $25, and she expects more donations to be made this week before the campaign ends.

“Talking with other institutions, they said they get the majority of their gifts in the last few days,” she said.

Brunt said this year’s focus was to educate as many students possible about the campaign.

“One of the main priorities this year was to brand it, to get it out there because we can always build support,” she said.

Ultimately, Brunt hopes the campaign will evolve into a campus tradition involving a large student volunteer base.

“It will be the student campaign,” she said. “It’s for them. It’s about them.”

Brunt said the eventual goal is for the campaign to reach $25,000 — the amount needed for it to become an endowed scholarship.

“Once it’s endowed, it’s guaranteed we’ll have that same amount,” she said, adding the fund will continue to grow as students donate more each year.

Until then, Brant said she encourages students to continue donating to the campaign she views as a “way to build cohesiveness among students.”

“The importance isn’t how much you give,” she said. “It’s that you get involved.”

Brant said the winners will be announced next week. A mass e-mail will be sent to students detailing the amount of money students raised for the scholarships.

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