Expedition U aims to motivate

Jill Byerly

Freshmen and upperclassmen have specific programs and events tailored to fit their needs.

The Center for Student Involvement is sponsoring a new program, Expedition U, to help sophomores plan their time for the rest of their college career at Kent State.

Expedition U is aimed at all sophomores who are interested in marketing their skills they learn in college, assessing their personal values, enhancing their r‚sum‚ and having fun.

A leadership conference is scheduled from 1 to 5 p.m. March 10 in Room 314 of the Student Center. The conference leaders hope to help the students narrow down what they are or want to be involved with throughout their college career. The leaders will assist the students in setting reasonable goals and coming up with a vision statement. The students will participate in one of two breakout sessions, and the closing activity will include how to put the student’s vision into action.

“The activity will help the students to decide what motivates them to go into a career or to choose a major,” said Megan Igoe, graduate student assistant for higher education administration.

The second part of the activity will show students how to be a follower, because following builds leadership.

“It sounds backwards,” Igoe said. “But we think it’s important to have followers. Not everyone has to be a leader.”

The program is meant to help students plan for their junior and senior year and to use this program as a stepping stool for other leadership opportunities.

“We are hoping that students will walk out with a plan of action for their time at Kent,” said Brenda McKenzie, interim director for the Center for Student Involvement. “We want them to have intentional ideas to receive valuable experiences within their major, personal development and have some direction so they know where they want to go.”

Jacob Clemens, coordinator of second year residence education at Case Western, and Connie Dubick, associate director of student financial aid, are speaking at the conference about determining personal values, such as honesty, integrity and family, and about civic responsibilities.

The leaders want students to realize they can get involved with a purpose, not just to build a r‚sum‚. The program will incorporate activities that will help students look at the resources available to them at Kent State.

“Students can get pulled in so many directions and get off track of what they want to do,” McKenzie said.

Although the program is aimed at sophomores, all students are invited to attend. Interested students must RSVP to Megan Igoe by Wednesday at [email protected].

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