Kent City Schools names new superintendent

Amanda Stanley

Joseph Giancola was named the new superintendent of Kent City Schools at last night’s Kent City School Board meeting.

Giancola has been serving as the assistant superintendent for the past 14 years. His new appointment will begin Aug. 1.

“I feel excited to serve the students and the community,” Giancola said. “I am ready to give 100 percent.”

He also said he is excited to continue to make improvements in scores on state standardized tests.

Current superintendent Marc Crail will step down and serve as assistant superintendent from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30.

“It is an odd time to retire, but we wanted Joe in the position for the new school year,” Crail said. “We are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Both Crail and the school board are confident in their decision of naming Giancola superintendent. Crail said that Giancola was the first key person that he hired in his 14 years as superintendent.

“The board knows what it is getting in Joe Giancola,” said John Flynn, president of the Board of Education, in a press release.

Giancola has a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree from Kent State.

Crail says he will miss working in the community.

“It really has been a thrill for me,” he said. “But I won’t miss making calls about snow days.”

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