The following 134 members of the Kent State community e-mailed the Stater this week to offer support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people:

Rachel Abbey, newspaper journalism major

Heather Adams, academic program director, College of the Arts

Andrea Adolph, assistant professor, department of English

Katie Alberti, magazine journalism major

Hannah Aldergate, English major

Joseph Altobelli, associate professor, department of mathematics

Aly Amstutz, psychology major

Allison Barnes, advertising major

Kate Bigam, magazine journalism major

Susan Bishop, English major

Katherine Blackbird, lecturer, department of English

Shelley Blundell, magazine journalism major

Yolanda Board, theater studies major

Victoria Bocchicchio, coordinator of curriculum, Honors College

Rachel Nicole Braham

Ben Breier, newspaper journalism major

Amy Bretfelian, psychology major

Sandi Buckey, academic program specialist, College of the Arts

Nicole Burgard, art education major

Lori Cantor, senior business manager, Office of Student Media

Patti Capel Swartz, associate professor, English department

Alexandra Charitan, visual communication design major

Adam Cheadle, justice studies major

Jillian Coates, literacy, rhetoric and social practice doctoral student

Adrianne Cology, fashion merchandising major

Christine Cooney, technology major

Kristen Cooper, psychology major

Kathe Davis, director of women’s studies

Walter Davis, Associate professor, School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport

April Dunn, business marketing

Ridgely Dunn, anthropology major

Sarah Eckert, electronic media production major

Theresa Edwards, newspaper journalism major

Tamie Eynon, assistant director, academic advising

Heather Fenstermaker, professor, department of theater

Amanda Feutz, theater studies major

Danielle Fink, educational studies major

Rebecca Fisher, nursing major

Lee Fox, associate professor, department of psychology

Elise Franco, magazine journalism major

Joelene Games, clerical specialist, Financial Aid

Becky Gares, coordinator of advising, Honors College

Scott Gorbach, theater studies major

Marchae Grair, broadcast journalism major

Howard Gregory, computer information systems major

Adam Griffiths, magazine journalism major

Kari Hall, human development and family studies major

Jonathan Halsall, English major

Chanelle Harbin, pre-journalism major

Christine Havice, director, School of Art

Jay Hays, RETAIN Adviser, College of Nursing

Brian Hellwig, security manager, Department of Residence Services

Ralph Hickman, community counseling major

Allen Hines, newspaper journalism major

Barb Hipsman, associate professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Kat Holtz, Alumna, 1982

Melissa Hughes, specialist, Office of International Affairs

Lindsay Jennings, theater studies major

Doug Kline, professor, department of biological sciences

Shanna Kulkahl, accounting major

Niza Licuanan, associate professor, department of sociology

Pam Lieske, associate professor, department of English

Ryan Loew, newspaper journalism major

Debra London, counseling and human development graduate student

Deb Lyons, interim director, International Student and Scholar Services

Anne Mancine, clerical specialist, College of the Arts

Kiera Manion-Fischer, political science major

Jackie Mantey, magazine journalism major

Delia Marie Marshall, associate director, Center for Student Involvement

Kristine Mathews, theater studies major

Jason Mazan, theater studies major

Babacar M’Baye, assistant professor, departments of English and Pan-African studies

Jes McDonald, nursing major

Lori McGee, lecturer, department of Spanish

James McQuiston, political science major

Markesha McRae, psychology major

Molly Merryman, assistant professor, justice studies

Robert Miltner, associate professor, English department

E. Timothy Moore, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Jessica Moore, exploratory major

Daniel-Raymond Nadon, associate professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Jeff Nelson, associate professor, communication studies

Mary Norris, theater studies major

Erin O’Brien, assistant professor, department of political science

John Oddo, graduate assistant, department of English

Kari O’Neill, early childhood education major

Giovanna Orlando, middle childhood education major

Lauren Pernetti, academic program coordinator, Student Advising Center

Hilda Pettit, coordinator, Women’s Resource Center

Brad Phillips, English major

Dorothy Potts, retired assistant to the president

Kristen Precht, assistant professor, department of English

Allison Pritchard, electronic media production major

Masood Raja, assistant professor, department of English

Beth Rankin, photojournalism major

Anne Reid, director, Office of Advising and Academic Services

Jean Reid, communications major

Bill Rios, theater studies major

Carol Robinson, assistant professor, department of English

Erin Roof, magazine journalism major

Seth Roy, newspaper journalism major

Kristen Russo, magazine journalism major

Anne Scherzinger, pre-communications studies major

Carl Schierhorn, associate professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Andrew Schiller, newspaper journalism major

Randi Schneider, director, Enrollment Management

Kathy Schumann, integrated health studies major

Sarah Seidel Motts, program officer, Enrollment Management and Student Services

Ben Shadle, integrated life sciences major

Ashley Shorts, health administration major

Logan Sommers, visual journalism major

Adam Splane, theater studies major

Richard Stanislaw, adjunct faculty, department of political science

Matt Stavesky, communications major

Jen Steer, broadcast journalism major

Kelly Stellrecht, political science major

Trudy Steuernagel, political science major

Angeline Summers-Marvel, assistant professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Pam Takayoshi, associate professor, department of English

Robert Taylor, newspaper journalism major

Rohn Thomas, instructor, School of Theatre and Dance

Brian Thornton, graduate student, journalism major

Kimberly Todd-White, lecturer, departments of English and Pan-African studies

Justin Tomajko, architecture major

Katie Troha, applied conflict management major

Lisa Vargas, academic adviser, department of fashion design and merchandising

Theresa Walton, assistant professor, School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport

Meranda Watling, newspaper journalism major

Brent Whetstone, history and theater major

Julie Wilcox, program counselor, Office of Student Services

Nicole Willey, assistant professor, department of English

Bryan Wroten, newspaper journalism major

Kathy Zarges, RETAIN adviser, Student Advising Center

Taylor Zigo, marketing and finance major

Cathy Zingrone, academic advising coordinator, College of the Arts